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The Fund for Arkansas' Future ("FAF") is an angel investor fund launched in January, 2005 for the purpose of capitalizing early-stage, Arkansas-based companies. The first fund was comprised of 57 investors and $6.5 million in committed capital. This fund reviewed applications from approximately 400 companies seeking capital over the last eight years, and made 32 investments in 17 portfolio companies. Almost all of those portfolio companies are growing and doing well, and are poised for positive "exits," which will provide returns to our investors.

The fund's mission is simple: "to do some good, have some fun, and make some money". As such, we attempt to identify Arkansas-based companies that utilize some form of technology or applied science and have the ability to grow rapidly. These types of companies are sought because they create well-paying jobs that benefit Arkansas, and they also have the ability to create significant value for investors.

FAF is a member-managed fund, with five Managers having broad oversight and responsibility for the fund, and a second group of seven Investment Committee members making the investment decisions. Our due diligence process is thorough, yet efficient, and is focused on identifying those Arkansas-based companies which have the best opportunities for rapid growth. A key component of our investment methodology is the mentoring of entrepreneurs. To that end, we typically place one FAF member on the board of directors of each company in which we make an investment.

In February 2013, Fund For Arkansas' Future II ("FAF II") began. We seek accredited investors who share our interest in moving the state's economy forward through the creation and growth of technology-based companies. And we believe the ability to leverage our fund's due diligence, legal work, term sheets, and negotiations is an excellent opportunity for investors who are otherwise interested in making investments in early-stage companies.

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Our portfolio on this site is currently under construction! Please check back soon while we get everything in order!

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We want Arkansas to continue to build a thriving economy. If you have a great entrepreneurship idea that you would like to share with our group, please contact our team:

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Manager Dr. James Hendren
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